Agile is one of the three X-Hunters from Mega Man X2. His role among the trio seems to be that of a military strategist, formulating plans and organising combat operations for the Mavericks under the X-Hunters' command. He is utterly devoted to Sigma and his team's goal of destroying X.


Agile battles X twice in the game, taking on a different form each encounter.

First Form

Agile's default body is humanoid and appears to be dressed as some form of traditional Japanese warrior, like a samurai. He is quick on his feet in this form and his primary method of attack is to dash towards his opponent while he rapidly slashes with his beam sword. He also performs a jumping slash and can create large energy wave projectiles. His weakness is the Magnet Mine obtained from Magna Centipede. If X defeats him, Agile will surrender one of Zero's body parts.

Second Form

Agile flyer

When X meets him in the X-Hunters' base, Agile has transformed into a floating, oval-shaped attack platform. He and X battle inside a high shaft and Agile will continuously drop spiked girders to crush X. As well as these girders, Agile can also launch spreads of missiles and release electrical blasts. His weakness is once again the Magnet Mine.

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