Armoured Armadillo


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Rolling Shield

Head Buster


Electric Spark

Armored Armadillo (aka Armored Armage in Japan) is one of the eight selectable bosses from Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X. Being based on an armadillo, his body is protected by armored plates that can easily deflect buster shots. He was once a member of the 8th Armored Division of the Maverick Hunters, but he remained loyal to Sigma when the latter began his rebellion against humanity.


  • Armor - Armadillo is protected by armored plates covering his back and a shield attached to each forearm. Buster fire will not penetrate these plates.
  • Head Buster - Armadillo has a blaster concealed under a plate on his head and fires three-shot volleys.
  • Absorb Energy - Armadillo can absorb energy from X's charged shots and use it to fire energy beams in all directions.
  • Rolling Shield - Armored Armadillo does what armadillos do best and curls up into a ball, rapidly spinning and bouncing around his boss-room. He is invincible whilst he is in motion. When Mega Man X copies Armadillo's data, he can fire blue spheres of energy that roll across the ground and inflict concussive damage. Once he acquires the ability to charge weapons, X can charge up the Rolling Shield to use it as a protective force field.


  • Electric Spark - If Armored Armadillo is struck by a powerful electrical attack, his armor will shatter and he will become unable to deflect any weapons, even when using his Rolling Shield attack.
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