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Avalanche Yeti is a new-generation Reploid based on the legendary Yeti monster. He appears as a boss in Mega Man X8.

Originally created for the purpose of environmental restitution, Avalanche Yeti was stationed at an environmental research centre in the Antarctic. After being corrupted by Sigma, his concern for the environment all but vanished and he sabotaged the centre's control facility, threatening the stability of the polar ice caps. His attempts at ecological destruction were halted when he was destroyed by the Maverick Hunters.


  • Ice Gatling - Avalanche Yeti fires a rapid stream if icicles at his foe. Axl can copy this weapon.
  • Snow Charge - Avalanche has caterpillar tracks in his feet that let him charge through snow with ease, as opposed to the player who must trudge through deep snow during the boss-fight.
  • Hyouryuushou - Avalanche Yeti hides under the snow and gets beneath his opponent before emerging with an uppercut attack. Zero can copy this technique.
  • Drift Diamond - In Overdrive mode, Avalanche summons large ice flakes to tumble down from above and cause severe cold damage. X can copy this ability.


Though he is an ice-based Reploid, Avalanche Yeti isn't that vulnerable to fire attacks. He takes more damage from electrical attacks which can be obtained after defeating Gigabolt Man-O-War.