Bamboo Pandamonium

Bamboo Pandamonium is a hulking panda-based Reploid and one of the eight Maverick bosses of Mega Man X8. A new-generation Reploid, he was assigned with overseeing a space centre in China before the construction of the Jakob Space Elevator rendered it obsolete. After becoming a Maverick, Bamboo became eager to aid Sigma's attempt to build a new world and destroy the old one. Bamboo believes that the Earth itself wants to be destroyed as its history is comprised largely of wars and chaotic events that represent the planet's desire to die.


  • Bamboo Drill - Pandamonium summons giant bamboo-shaped spires that erupt from the ground. X, Zero and Axl are able to cling to and jump off these pillars like any standard walls.
  • Green Spinner - A large explosive rocket resembling a bamboo stalk. It grows larger as it travels and causes a massive explosion that can shatter the defences of tougher enemies. X can copy this weapon.
  • Blast Launcher - Pandamonium fires grenades from the launcher on his back. Axl can claim this weapon, though his grenades do not explode on impact and are time delayed.
  • Yodantotsu - When Pandamonium goes into Overdrive mode, he will charge at his opponent with full force and strike with his claws, killing his foe in one hit. Zero can copy this attack and smash through enemy barriers with it.
  • Missile Storm - In Overdrive mode, Pandamonium will unload a massive barrage of missiles.


Bamboo Pandamonium is weak against fire. The weapons obtained from Burn Rooster will inflict the most damage upon him.

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