Berkana is a female Reploid and one of the main antagonists of Mega Man Xtreme 2. Shrouded in mystery, her creator and time of production are unknown. She works with Reploid research and development and is the creator of her right arm Gareth. She is the one behind the Erasure incident at Laguz Island.

Berkana intends to become the most powerful Reploid on Earth by merging the DNA Souls of multiple Reploids with her own. However, X confronts and defeats her, releasing the Souls that she had stolen.


  • Magic Shot - Berkana fires two types of energy blast from her staff that can dampen her opponent's mobility or disable their weapons.
  • Icicle - Berkana causes icicles to drop from the ceiling.
  • Split Blast - A projectile that splits in two when it hits a surface.


  • Sonic Slicer - Berkana is vulnerable to slicing attacks.
  • Ray Claw - Berkana can be paralysed by a strike from this weapon.
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