Bit is one of the members of the Nightmare Police in Mega Man X 3. Arrogant and over-confident, he is eager to prove himself to Dr. Doppler when he and Byte are commanded to hunt down the Maverick Hunter X.

After defeating two of the eight bosses in MMX3, Dr. Doppler orders Bit and Byte to capture X for him, alive if possible. Bit will then appear as a sub-boss in the stages until he's defeated. If he is not defeated by using his weaknesses, he merely retreats, and X will have to face him and Byte again in the first Doppler stage in their combined form, Godkarmachine O Inary. If Bit is defeated with Frost Shield or Triad Thunder, he will be destroyed and won't appear later, but if only Bit or Byte survive, they will still be able to change into Godkarmachine O Inary.


  • Trap Ring - A projectile energy ring that will paralyze any foe caught in it.
  • Saber Rush - Bit wields a beam saber and slashes his opponent as he dashes toward them.
  • Homing Blast - An energy blast that is slow-moving but will track and follow X wherever he moves.


Bit is vulnerable to the Frost Shield acquired from Blizzard Buffalo and Volt Catfish's Triad Thunder.

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