Blaze Woman

Blaze Woman (EWN-005) is one of the Roboticized Masters that appears in the Archie Comics Worlds Collide event. She is the roboticized form of Blaze the Cat.


Having been captured by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, Blaze was converted into one of their Roboticized Masters. Paired with Silver Man, she was dispatched to retrieve the green Chaos Emerald, a task that she quickly accomplished. The pair would subsequently join their fellow Masters in attacking Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man's team. Blaze Woman and most of her teammates subsequently left the fight with the main group of heroes to the roboticized Chaotix while they went after Proto Man. When the trio of detectives were restored to normal, Eggman recalled Blaze Woman and Silver Man to the Wily Egg as a precautionary measure.

Following Shadow Man's restoration, Blaze Woman and her partner were sent to engage the heroes as well. Blaze Woman ended up battling Sonic and Tails, who were at a loss as to how they could counter her fire powers. Help arrived in the form of Mega Man and a restored Silver, who used his psychic powers to hold the Roboticized Master long enough for Mega Man to return her to her organic form.


Like her organic form, Blaze Woman is capable of conjuring and utilizing fire in battle. Her primary weapon as a Roboticized Master is the Fire Tornado which unleashes a cyclonic cone of flame towards Blaze Woman's foe.


Blaze Woman proved to be susceptible to Silver the Hedgehog's telekinesis, which he used to hold her in place while Mega Man used his modified Mega Buster to de-roboticize her.

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