Blizzard Buffalo is a Maverick Reploid that features as one of the bosses in Mega Man X 3. Originally a pacifist and an artist, he used to create ice sculptures at a ski resort. He still retained much of his peaceful demeanour after being infected by the Maverick virus, but was still compelled to follow the orders of Dr. Doppler.


  • Bull Rush - Buffalo charges at his opponent and grasps them with his horns, slamming them into whatever obstacles are in the way.
  • Frost Shield - A frozen projectile that erupts into a set of icy spikes when it hits the floor or a wall. When X obtains this weapon, he can fire icy darts that splinter on impact. It is only when X charges the weapon that it truly lives up to its name, forming a thick barrier of ice that protects X from attacks and which he can use to damage foes as well.
  • Ice Beam - A massive blast of cold that will flash-freeze everything in its path.


  • Parasitic Bomb - Buffalo's frame is very sturdy, but Blast Hornet's bombs can seek out his weakest areas and detonate after latching on, causing critical damage.
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