Blizzard Wolfang is a wolf-based Reploid who appears as one of the eight selectable bosses in Mega Man X6. Created by Gate years before the Eurasia Crisis, he was the leader of an investigation team stationed at the North Pole. One day, his team members were attacked by Mavericks and all were killed, except Wolfang, who was able to dispose of all the Mavericks himself. Researchers who opposed Gate took advantage of the incident and schemed to dispose Wolfang, deceiving Alia into throwing him into the cold sea, making it look like an accident. Gate later revives Wolfang, making him part of his Nightmare Investigation team. When confronted by the Maverick Hunters he asks them to not think badly of him, because he feels indebted to Gate and needs to pay for past sins.


  • Ice Burst - Wolfang fires blasts of ice in an arcing pattern. These projectiles can freeze enemies with a direct hit or will simply form icy spikes if they hit the ground. X can copy this weapon while Zero learns the Hyoroga technique.
  • Wall Climbing - Wolfang's claws are sharp enough to allow him to grip onto walls and ceilings and run along them.


Being an ice-type Reploid, Wolfang is naturally vulnerable to fire. The Magma Blade obtained from Blaze Heatnix is particularly effective.

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