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A C-class combat Boomer model

Boomers are a breed of bio-mechanical organism that are a main focus of the Bubblegum Crisis anime series and OAV's. They are the result of extensive micro-electronic and cybernetic research and are produced to relieve human beings of the more tedious and dangerous tasks of everyday life.

Boomers are mostly built by the GENOM Corporation, a powerful conglomerate that usurped the Boomer technology from its inventor, Katsuhiro Stingray, as a means of consolidating power over the world. They can be found just about everywhere, appearing in various shapes and sizes depending on the tasks they are designed to perform. They can be found performing domestic duties, construction work, security and even military operations.

Unfortunately, Boomers have been known to be prone to malfunction and are often reprogrammed to commit crimes as well. Malfunctioning Boomers have often gone on destructive rampages, killing many innocent people and causing widespread property damage. Despite their flaws and their bad reputation for malfunction, Boomers remain in high demand and research into their full potential as intelligent beings is ongoing.

Known Boomer Models