Bubble Crab is a Maverick Reploid that appears as a boss in Mega Man X2. He was once part of the Maverick Hunters' 6th Naval Unit along with Wheel Gator, though the two apparently had a strained working relationship. When Sigma launched his rebellion, Bubble Crab was quick to join, though he did so for entirely selfish reasons. Driven by greed, he didn't care much for Sigma's ambition and cared about serving the law with the Hunters even less. Wealth and power were the only things that mattered to him and he saw joining the rebellion as his best shot for acquiring both in excess.

When the X-Hunters assumed leadership of the Maverick movement, Bubble Crab took control of a deep-sea base. When X attacked the base, Crab found himself outmatched and was defeated.


  • Crab Claws - The spikes on Bubble Crab's shoulders generate claws of energy and he will use these weapons to catch opponents that try to jump over him.
  • Crab Drones - Bubble Crab can release small crab drones encased in bubbles to function as underwater mines. He can command these drones to burst out of their bubbles and swarm upon an enemy.
  • Water Control - Bubble Crab can adjust the water level in his boss-room, increasing and decreasing both his and his enemy's buoyancy.
  • Bubble Splash - Bubble Crab fires a ring of bubbles at the enemy. X can copy this weapon.
  • Bubble Shield - Bubble Crab surrounds himself in a shield that blocks most attacks. The Spin Wheel can pop this bubble instantly, however.


  • Spin Wheel - Wheel Gator was Bubble Crab's rival both in work and in terms of weaponry. The Spin Wheel can pop Crab's Bubble Shield instantly whereas other weapons have to whittle it down with repeated firing. The wheel can quickly grind through Crab's chassis, as well.
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