Burn Rooster

Burn Rooster is a new-generation Reploid and a boss Maverick in Mega Man X8. Originally designed for waste disposal, he was stationed at a Reploid junkyard where he used his incendiary abilities to destroy waste materials, including the remains of retired Reploids. Burn Rooster was unhappy with his work and sought vengeance against the Maverick Hunters for all the Reploids who he believed had been wrongfully labelled as Maverick, and willingly sold himself out to Sigma.


  • Melt Creeper - Rooster produces a wave of fire that travels across the ground. X can copy this weapon.
  • Flame Burner - A straight stream of flame. Axl can copy this weapon.
  • Enkoujin - While airborne, Rooster will plunge down like a flaming comet to strike his foe. Zero can copy this technique.
  • Flaming Pillar - In Overdrive mode, Rooster will create pillars of fire on either side of the boss-room, preventing the player from scaling the walls.


Predictably, Burn Rooster is weak against ice attacks. He takes greater damage from weapons copied from Avalanche Yeti.

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