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Chill Penguin (aka Icy Penguigo in Japan) is one of the eight selectable Maverick boss Reploids from Mega Man X1 and its PSP remake Maverick Hunter X.  Formerly captain of the Maverick Hunters' 13th Polar Division, he was transferred to X's 17th Elite Unit prior to Sigma's rebellion. He thoroughly disliked his job in the South Pole and found it to be extremely boring, and his transfer to X's unit led to him developing an intense jealousy towards the blue robot. He gladly accepted Sigma's promise of Reploid dominance and joined his cause.


  • Shotgun Ice - Chill Penguin's signature weapon. He spits large chunks of ice from his beak directly toward his foes. When X copies this weapon, his ice projectile travels faster and creates smaller fragments of debris that scatter when the projectile impacts.
  • Slide Attack - Chill Penguin slides across the ground on his belly, ramming opponents with his head.
  • Icy Breath - Chill Penguin exhales concentrated nitrogen gas that freezes his opponent. He also creates penguin-shaped ice sculptures with this move.
  • Blizzard - A device in Chill Penguin's boss-room ceiling generates strong wind that can push X to one side of the room. If there are ice sculptures in the room created by Chill's breath attack, they will be blown across the floor and will hurt X if he touches them.


  • Fire Wave - Being an ice-type enemy, Chill Penguin is of course vulnerable to fire, which can knock him off-balance and detonate the pressurized nitrogen tank on his back.


  • Chill Penguin makes a cameo appearance in Frost Walrus' stage in Mega Man X4.
  • In Maverick Hunter X, Chill Penguin's English voice is provided by Dean Galloway, who also voiced Dr. Wily in Mega Man: Powered Up!
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