Cold Man (KGN-002) is one of the six King Group Robot Masters from Mega Man & Bass. He was originally built by Dr. Light and was supposed to preserve prehistoric fossils inside his internal freezer, but he was stolen by King and modified for battle.

Personality wise, Cold Man is known to have a rather carefree attitude towards things, but has a rather slow perception of things. He loves a Frapetino and dislikes the El Nino effect.


  • Ice Wall - Cold Man creates a pillar of ice and shoves it toward his opponent. Mega Man can copy this attack, but Cold Man's version has a spiked top whereas Mega Man's Ice Wall has a flat top, letting it double as a platform.
  • Ground Freeze - Cold Man can cause icy eruptions to appear beneath his foe's feet, freezing them in place.
  • Mokumokumo - Mokumokumos are small, spherical robots that surround themselves in chilling fog. They will float towards an enemy and hinder the enemy's movements, drastically slowing them down. They can be shaken off if the enemy struggles enough.


  • Wave Burner - As an ice-themed robot, Cold Man is of course vulnerable to intense heat.
  • Lightning Bolt - Cold Man is also vulnerable to electrical attacks. Dynamo Man's main attack will quickly fry his circuitry.
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