Copy MegaMan from the Megamix manga series

In several classic Mega Man games, Dr. Wily has tried to defeat Mega Man by creating a copy of him. In the first game, the copy would constantly run back and forth through the boss room, using whatever weapon Mega Man used and jumping at the same time. In Mega Man 3, another Copy MegaMan appears aided by two holograms. These three copies run back and forth on platforms and occasionally shoot, and Mega Man must attack the real one.

In the Megaman Megamix manga series, Dr. Wily builds a fake Mega Man with all of the real Rock's memories and powers. The two robots look mostly identical, though the copy can be identified by the dull tone of his eyes. This copy is convinced he is the real Mega Man, but acts very differently. He does not share Rock's heart and cares nothing for humans, believing that they should be destroyed so that robots can rule the world. His power core suffers a defect that causes him to overheat after fighting for so long, and he later feels guilty after shooting Roll when she tries to defend her injured brother. The copy is later destroyed by Bass.

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