Crush Crawfish was a Maverick Reploid and a boss in Mega Man X 3. Unlike the other Mavericks in the game, he was not corrupted by the Sigma virus or otherwise reprogrammed. Crawfish suffered a severe flaw in his AI programming which left him incapable of distinguishing between friend and foe, making him extremely hostile towards everyone around him. He went on a rampage at the Ganda shipyard and almost slaughtered several human captives before he was taken down by X.


  • Scissor Claw - The large pincers on Crawfish's arms can crush most foes almost instantly. When X defeats Crawfish, the data he acquires allows him to wield a derivitive weapon called the Spinning Blade. When equipped, X fires two Spinning Blades, which travel a short distance forward then arc behind him, one slightly above and one below. Due to the trajectory of the blades, this weapon can be difficult to properly aim if not at close range. The charged version sends a bladed yo-yo-like device in front of X that will stay in place even if X moves or turns around. X can rotate the weapon around him for a short time.
  • Gravity Pulse - A swirling projectile that Crawfish can fire at enemies. It does not inflict any damage but it will cause airborne targets to immediately drop to the ground.


  • Triad Thunder - Crush Crawfish's body is poorly insulated and so he is vulnerable to electrical charges.
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