Cyber Peacock is one of the eight selectable bosses of Mega Man X4. Encountered in Cyberspace, he is an artificial intelligence that was initially tasked with securing computer networks and protecting them from hacking. However, Cyber Peacock was corrupted by Sigma and turned Maverick, going on to disrupt the Maverick Hunters' computer systems and interfering with their efforts to deal with the Repliforce crisis. X was forced to enter Cyberspace himself and confront Cyber Peacock and delete him.


  • Phase-jumping - Peacock will constantly teleport during battle to throw his enemy off-balance.
  • Cyber Slash - Peacock dashes upward after phasing in holding out energy fans to slash his foe.
  • Peacock Laser - Peacock fires wide beams from his tail feathers. Zero gains a new ability based on this attack: the Rakuhouha.
  • Homing Feather - Peacock can fire his tail feathers like homing missiles and they will quickly pursue their target. X gains the Aiming Laser based on this attack.


  • Soul Body - The energy silhouette generated by the Soul Body can fragment Cyber Peacock's data, interrupting his attacks.
  • Ryuenjin - Zero's flaming uppercut has a similar effect on Peacock to the Soul Body, disrupting his digital essence.
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