Doctor Ivo Robotnik is a mad scientist and inventor who serves as the main antagonist of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series. He is one of several different versions of Dr. Eggman, the main villain throughout all iterations of the Sonic franchise.

Robotnik's only desire is to conquer the planet Mobius and he tries to achieve this by concocting various schemes and building all manner of robots and weapons to terrorize the planet's citizens. His plans are always thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog, whom Robotnik regularly curses with his popular catchphrase of "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!".

Robotnik is regularly assisted by his two Badnik underlings Scratch and Grounder, who make up his Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad. Unfortunately, both robots are incredibly stupid and totally inept at their jobs and the doctor spends a great deal of time throwing insults at them and punishing them for their incompetence.


This incarnation of Robotnik has a rather clownish appearance. He is fat, his head is cone-shaped with black eyes that have red irises, a bright pink drooping nose and a long, shabby moustache. He wears a red and yellow jumpsuit with black and grey tights, grey gloves and red boots. This image of Robotnik would become common in America and Europe and feature on many pieces of Sonic merchandise. It would also be adopted by UK-published Sonic the Comic as the default image for their own version of the character.


There are many sides to Robotnik's personality; he often acts sophisticated and cultured and is also a shameless self-promoting narcciccist. The aspects of his personality that most people on Mobius are familiar with are his cruelty and the delight he takes from making others suffer. He is quick to anger and tends to throw childish temper tantrums and take his rage out on his robots. There's no evil act he wouldn't commit and he will resort to the lowest, dirtiest tactics to get what he wants.

Notable Creations

Robotnik has created countless robots and machines to destroy his hated enemy Sonic and conquer Mobius. Below is a list of some of the doctor's most memorable creations.

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