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The Emergency Flying Robot (Official name) is a red security robot that appears in the Nintendo 3DS eShop-exclusive game Johnny Impossible. It appears when Johnny is 5-seconds short on the 10-second timer before being sent to the continue screen.


The Emergency Flying Robot is a red flying drone vaguely resembling a helicopter. It has black stripes designed on it's sides, yellow "Angry eyes", vents and "teeth" painted on it, giving it the appearance of a shark, a raptor, or whatnot. It also has a stun taser built on the front. The top of it's body has a "fin" and wings that can move. The robot's innards are also colored gray.


In the game stated above, This sneaky robot appears when five seconds remain on the 10-second alert counter. It will arrive to zap Johnny and fly away. This robot is a part of this prominent game mechanic in all three levels of the game. The Emergency Flying Robot is invincible, but can Johnny can hide from away from it by leaving the same screen as it or hiding in a hatch quickly, making it leave.


  • The Emergency Flying Robot is similar to Skel-Monsta from the Bubble Bobble series. They are both time limit enforcers that chase and subdue their heroes; Johnny and Bubblun and Bobblun respectively.
  • This cool flying boogieman also seems to have some sort of artificial intelligence. It chases Johnny to where he is and flies away when he evades it or successfully catches him.