Flame hyenard

Flame Hyenard is a hyena-based Reploid and a member of Red Alert in Mega Man X7. During the events of the game, Hyenard was infected by the Sigma Virus and went Maverick. In his state of insanity, he lashed out at everyone around him, thinking they were the cause of the pain he was experiencing. When confronted by the Maverick Hunters, Hyenard was finally cured... through destruction.


  • Fireball - Hyenard will constantly pursue his enemy, shooting flaming projectiles as he does so.
  • Tri-Formation - Hyenard can create duplicates of himself and command them to gang-rush his opponent. X and Axl gain a new weapon loosely derived from this move called the Circle Blaze which creates a circle of flames to destroy multiple enemies in one shot.
  • Super Missile - In battle, Hyenard is aided by a giant gazelle-shaped Mechaniloid which traverses the lava surrounding the boss-stage. This robot will fire large missiles at distant targets which produce powerful explosions. Zero bases his Bakuenjin attack on this weapon.


  • Splash Laser - Being a fire-type Reploid, Flame Hyenard is vulnerable to water-based attacks. The Splash Laser gained from Splash Warfly will douse his internal furnace, causing him to expend additional energy as he strains to reignite it.
  • D-Glaive - A weapon that Zero gains from defeating Splash Warfly. This weapon allows Zero to perform the Suiretsusen, an attack that discharges a burst of water-elemental energy.
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