Flame Mammoth (known as Burnin' Noumander in Japan) is a large, bulky Reploid and a selectable boss in Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X. Dim-witted and arrogant, he took great pride in his size and strength and had a tendency to look down on those smaller and weaker than himself. This attitude has put him on bad terms with his subordinates and there is a great deal of tension between him and Chill Penguin.


  • Jump Press - Flame Mammoth can jump surprisingly high for a robot of his weight class and he makes the ground shake when he lands, knocking nearby enemies off-balance.
  • Fire Wave - A powerful flamethrower attached to his arm. Mega Man X can copy this weapon, but shoots a continuous wave of flame rather than a fireball. This weapon cannot be used underwater.
  • Oil Slick - Flame Mammoth releases globs of oil from his trunk which he can then ignite with his Fire Wave.


  • Storm Tornado - The cyclonic force of this weapon can rip straight through Flame Mammoth's frame.
  • Boomerang Cutter - Flame Mammoth's trunk can be cut off, stopping him from spewing oil.
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