Flame Stag is a Maverick Reploid and a boss in Mega Man X2. Formerly a member of the Maverick Hunters, he served in the 17th Elite Unit along with X and Boomer Kuwanger, defecting along with Kuwanger when Sigma launched his uprising against the humans. He did not participate in the rebellion's major offensives and seemed to have remained in hiding until six months after the destruction of Sigma Palace, when he resurfaced under the leadership of the X-Hunters. He attempted to trigger a massive volcanic eruption in order to scatter ash into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun. Stag and his plan were destroyed by X.


  • Speed Burner - A fireball attack that Stag fires from his fists. X can copy this attack.
  • Burning Rush - Flame Stag's burners all expel at full blast and he dashes toward his opponent surrounded in intense flames.
  • Overdrive - After he has lost half his health, Stag's flames burn blue and his speed and power increase.


  • Bubble Splash - Being a fire-type robot, Flame Stag is naturally vulnerable to water-based attacks.
  • Sonic Slicer - The force of the Sonic Slicer can extinguish Stag's burners and cut through his unreinforced frame.
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