Frost Walrus is a huge, aggressive Reploid and one of the eight selectable bosses of Mega Man X4. Regarded as a Maverick due to his violent temper, he evaded decommission by joining the Repliforce. When The General declared his intention to build an independent nation for Reploids, Frost was elated as this gave him the perfect opportunity to riot as much as he liked.

During the coup, Frost was tasked with protecting a new weapon being developed at Repliforce's hidden Arctic base. He failed his mission and was destroyed by the Maverick Hunters.


  • Frost Shard - Frost Walrus launches several icy spikes into the air which then rain down and stick in the ground, harming anyone that touches them. When Zero defeats Walrus, he gains his Hyouretsuzan technique which is based on this attack.
  • Slide - Frost slides across the floor and bulldozes through any foes in his path.
  • Frost Tower - Walrus creates a large chunk of ice by expelling supercold gas from his mouth. This ice block then shatters into several smaller ice shards which scatter over the area. X can copy this weapon.


  • Fire - Being based on ice, Frost Walrus is vulnerable to intense heat. X can defeat him quickly with the Rising Fire weapon gained from Magma Dragoon and Zero's Ryuenjin technique is equally effective.
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