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The General is a giant Reploid who serves as the commander-in-chief of Repliforce in Mega Man X4. In battle, he is a powerhouse of destruction, but as a leader he is decisive and determined. He genuinely cares for the well-being of both humans and Reploids, but his judgement is clouded thanks to the deceptions of Sigma.


Following the destruction of the floating city of Sky Lagoon, all of Repliforce are wrongfully judged as Mavericks and are demanded to disarm. The General refuses and instead calls for all Reploids to band together in order to build their own independent nation free of human interference. This leads to all-out war between Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters, just as Sigma had planned.

General oversees the construction of an orbital weapon satellite, the Final Weapon, which will allow Repliforce to keep their utopian nation secure by firing on any human settlements that threaten them. X and Zero confront the General aboard the Final Weapon and manage to defeat him, leaving him damaged but alive. At this point, General realizes that he has been manipulated all along, but the satellite is no longer under his control. Sigma has taken control of the weapon and aimed it at Earth, ready to destroy the entire planet.

X and Zero defeat Sigma once more, but the Final Weapon cannot be deterred. Feeling responsible for all the destruction and loss brought on by the fighting between Repliforce and the Hunters, General decides to use his own body to stop the weapon, plummeting down into the station's reactor. X and Zero manage to escape in time as the satellite is destroyed, with General dying in the process.


  • Armoured Body - The General's body is heavily armoured and cannot be penetrated by any weapon. His only weak point is his head.
  • Thrusters - General hovers with thrusters in his back and boots.
  • Rocket Arms - General can launch his massive arms like rockets. During his boss-fight, X/Zero can use the arms as platforms.
  • Arm Plasma - When his forearms are flying around, General fires plasma spheres from his upper arms.
  • Belt Blasts - A series of energy bolts can be fired from General's belt.