Gravity Beetle is a Maverick Reploid modeled after the Japanese rhinoceros beetle. Appearing as a boss in Mega Man X 3, he once was a member of the Maverick Hunters alongside his brother Boomer Kuwanger. After Kuwanger was destroyed by X, Beetle swore to avenge him and he willingly joined Dr. Doppler's army in order to satisfy his vendetta.


  • Beetle Horn - Beetle charges his opponent and gores them upon the blades on the end of his horn.
  • Gravity Hole - A miniature black hole that Beetle throws as a projectile. The projectile can bounce off of surfaces and increases in size slightly with each impact. X can copy this weapon.
  • Gravity Vortex - Beetle generates a quasi black hole that inhales everything in the vicinity. He only uses this attack as a last resort.


  • Ray Splasher - Neon Tiger's lasers are capable of burning through Beetle's armour.
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