Ground Scaravich is a Reploid based on a dung beetle who appears as one of the eight selectable bosses of Mega Man X6. A Reploid archaeologist and treasure hunter, he was once hired by Gate to investigate the ruins of the laboratory where Mega Man X had been discovered. The site had been declared off-limits and Scaravich was terminated for trespassing and desecration.

Years later, Scaravich was resurrected by Gate as a member of the Nightmare Investigators and was sent to the Central Museum to study the Nightmare Phenomenon. He was intercepted by the Maverick Hunters and was destroyed in battle.


Being based on a dung beetle, Ground Scaravich's attacks revolve around gathering up debris in a large ball, the same way the dung beetle gathers dung and rolls it into a boulder. X gains a new weapon based on this characteristic called the Ground Dash where he gathers a large amount of rock and debris to use as a shield or a projectile.


Ground Scaravich is most vulnerable to Commander Yammark's signature weapon, the Yanmar Option.

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