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The H-K Aerial is an unmanned, VTOL-capable robotic aircraft created by SkyNet. H-K Aerials form the bulk of SkyNet's air force and have appeared in every form of Terminator media thus far. A common sight in the post-Judgement Day future, H-K Aerials are constantly making overhead sweeps of ruined cities in search of humans to destroy. When ground-based targets are acquired, they will relentlessly bombard them with fire from their numerous gun turrets. They are also capable of combating other aircraft, though the Human Resistance has too few aircraft compared to SkyNet's fleets of H-K's. Some H-K Aerial models are also capable of carrying other H-K units into battle; in Terminator: Genisys, Aerials were shown deploying Spider Tanks during Operation: Chrono.


  • Power Source - Like most SkyNet machines, the H-K Aerials are powered by fusion reactors.
  • Engines - A H-K Aerial carries a turbo-fan engine at the end of each wing and a smaller turbo-fan on the tail.
  • Sensors - All SkyNet machines are equipped with infra-red and thermal imaging sensors.
  • Weapons - Aerial H-K's are armed with heat-seeking missiles, machine gun turrets and phased plasma cannons.