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H-K Drones are small airborne combat robots created by Cyber Research Systems. They have appeared in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines and served as the progenitor of the H-K Aerial machines created by SkyNet. CRS had built hundreds of Drones prior to Judgement Day to market to various military powers. When SkyNet came online, it took control of all of them and immediately deployed them to exterminate as many humans as possible before it launched its nuclear assault. The people of the post-holocaust future would become quite familiar with these machines and before long would be forced to endure being hunted by their larger cousins, the H-K Aerials.


  • Sensors - The H-K Drone has limited sensory capabilities in comparison to later H-K models.
  • A.I. - Being the first H-K models ever created, Drones have poor processing and reasoning. Combined with their inferior sensors, they cannot distinguish between living and non-living targets. To them, anything warm and moving is a target.
  • Engines and Power Source - H-K Drones use fossil fuels, unlike the fusion reactors of future SkyNet-designed machines. Their wings and tails are each fitted with a turbo-fan engine, just like later Hunter-Killer models.
  • Weaponry - Drones are armed with low-yield missiles and a machine gun pod under each wing.
  • Armour - Lightweight titanium alloy. Moderate resistance to conventional weapons, no resistance to ballistic or energy-based weaponry.