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Sideview of the HK-Tank (circa. 2029) without its weapon turrets in place

The Hunter-Killer Tank s one of Skynet's Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers as a principal ground-based combat vehicle.

Developed from the original T-1, the HK-Tank is several stories tall and vaguely humanoid in overall shape, possessing a rotating, conning tower-like "head", two steel "arms" equipped with twin-barreled directional plasma cannons, and two "legs" consisting of massive individual tank treads. While formidably armed, the HK-Tank can be easily destroyed by a well-placed demolition charge.

With the increase of effective anti-HK tactics used by the Resistance to not only disable these units but to

An HK-Tank patrols the ruins of post J-Day Los Angeles

scavenge them for heavy weapons, power sources, and armor, Skynet has started equipping some units with crew compartments, containing concealed endoskeletons to counterattack the human assault teams.