High Max is an immensely powerful Reploid and a boss character from Mega Man X6. He was created by Gate using a fragment of Zero's DNA and assigned to lead the Nightmare Investigators in their false investigation of the Nightmare phenomenon.

High Max is incredibly strong, able to withstand almost any attack. When he first encountered X, the two fought and X wasn't able to make even a scratch on him. High Max is extremely arrogant and considers himself superior to other Reploids, including X and Zero. His over-confidence would eventually lead to his demise as he later fought the Maverick Hunters inside Gate's laboratory and ultimately lost.


  • Levitation - High Max constantly hovers in the air, never touching the ground during any of his boss encounters.
  • Invulnerability - High Max's body is extremely hardy and is completely immune to X's standard X-Buster. Zero's Z-Saber can damage him, but only when High Max has been stunned by a special move.
  • Plasma Spheres - High Max fires multiple small energy spheres from his hands and can even charge energy to deliver a much larger sphere that is harder to avoid.
  • Shield Rings - High Max surrounds himself with two rings of energy. For a brief while, he is completely indestructible.


High Max is immune to X and Zero's standard weapons, but he can still be damaged by the special weapons picked up from the fallen Nightmare Investigators. The Magma Blade, obtained from Blaze Heatnix, seems to be the most effective weapon against him.

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