Jawz is a type of Badnik created by Dr. Eggman. First appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, these metallic sharks are less robot rather than missiles; they sail through the air on a straight path and detonate when they collide with something.


The Jawz resembles a shark-themed torpedo; It has a blue metallic body with a silver underbelly. Its head also has a pair of bolts on each side resembling eyes and a mouth full of serrated teeth. It also has a dorsal fin, an anal fin, and a single turbine engine with a four-winged propeller on their rear.

In Sonic Colours, Jawz had a more detailed design with orange turbines and black eyes with yellow sclera. It also had two pelvic fins instead of an anal fin. The smaller variations of it in the same game were also turquoise instead of blue.

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Jawz would appear in Hydrocity Zone, both underwater and in the air. They would appear from one side of the screen and travel in a straight line until they disappeared through the other end of the screen. They could be easily destroyed by a Spin Jump, though they would also explode if they hit while the player wasn't spinning.

Sonic Colours


In both the Wii and Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, Jawz are encountered in Aquarium Park. In the Wii version, they are larger and swim around in the underwater sections, and will charge towards Sonic in a straight line once he gets too close. Smaller variations of the Jawz are also featured, which follow Sonic around underwater rather than in a straight line. Otherwise, the Spin Jump and the Yellow Drill can defeat them.

In the Nintendo DS version, only the blue variation of the Jawz appear. These Badniks usually swim around, but will start charging towards Sonic once he gets close. While they charge, the player cannot attack the Jawz without taking damage. Instead, the player has to attack them using the Yellow Drill.

Sonic Mania

Jawz once again appear in Hydrocity Zone. Their appearance and behaviour are identical to their appearance in Sonic 3.

Other appearances

Sonic the Comic


Jawz made a few appearances during the Fleetway series, most notably in Sonic the Poster Mag #9 when a trio of Jawz tried attacking Sonic the Hedgehog after he escaped Dr. Robotnik's whirlpool machine. However, the hedgehog easily beat all three of them out at once.

The Jawz were later among the Badniks unleashed on the civilians of the Metropolis Zone to remind them that Robotnik was in charge. When Commander Brutus arrived with his own Badniks to overthrow Dr. Robotnik though, the Jawz confronted Brutus' army, only to get wiped out.

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