In the Archie Sonic comics, Jules Hedgehog is the father of Sonic the Hedgehog. He and his wife Bernadette were once soldiers and spies for the Kingdom of Acorn during the Great War against the Overlands and Jules and his brother Sir Charles were the ones who rescued the human fugitive Julian Kintobor. During a failed mission, Jules was critically injured and only Charles' experimental Roboticizer was capable of saving his life. As Julian began plotting against the kingdom, he sabotaged the Roboticizer and set it to fully convert Jules into a robot. Through roboticization, Jules' life was saved, but his mind had been surpressed and his free will erased, making him an obedient mechanical slave. As Robotnik's first Robian puppet, Jules was commanded to attack his wife when she discovered what Julian had done. With both hedgehogs roboticized, Robotnik covered his tracks by commanding his new slaves to remain hidden until the time came when he initiated his coup against King Maximillian.

For the next ten years, Jules served Robotnik as a mindless drone, his son Sonic believing him to be dead the whole time. After Robotnik's downfall, all Robians were freed from his influence and Jules and his wife Bernie re-emerged, aided by Uncle Chuck into reuniting with their son. When Robotnik's parallel-universe counterpart appeared on Mobius, he re-established control of the Robians, with the exception of Jules and Bernie who had been given magical Power Rings by Sonic as wedding bonds. The rings' power allowed the Hedgehogs to retain their free will, which they used to find out about Eggman's presence and sabotage his plans to conquer Mobius Prime. Jules broke cover as Eggman threatened to kill Sonic and with his help, the Freedom Fighters withdrew from Eggman's space station.

Roughly a year later, the aliens known as the Bem arrived in Mobius' orbit and abducted every roboticized Mobian on the planet. The Robians were returned the next day - completely restored to their original flesh and blood forms. All except for Jules, that is. As Sonic would discover when he met the Bem a year later, Jules remained a robot since he was mortally wounded at the time of his roboticization. If he was de-roboticized, his injuries would be re-opened and he would die.

Ever since the Sonic the Hedgehog comics' massive ret-con following the Sonic/Mega Man crossover Worlds Collide, Jules has been effectively erased from the comic's continuity and is unlikely to ever appear again.

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