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The Knight Sabers are an all-female team of hi-tech vigilantes and are the main protagonists of the cyberpunk anime/manga franchise, Bubblegum Crisis. In the 2030's, the city of Mega-Tokyo is constantly being threatened by renegade Boomers: highly advanced androids designed to serve as labourers and weapons in the society established in the Bubblegum series. In order to quell these incidents and to bring down the corrupt GENOM Corporation that manufactures the Boomers, Sylia Stingray establishes the Knight Sabers by recruiting three women who share her sense of justice and her enmity towards GENOM. The Knight Sabers have based themselves in Sylia's privately owned building, Lady's 633. Each of them wears a sophisticated combat-ready Hard Suit which have been tailored to each user's role within the team. The team is financed in a number of ways: Sylia is already a wealthy businesswoman who owns a lingerie store, Linna has worked as both a dance instructor and a stockbroker, Nene works for the AD Police as a technical conductor, and Priss is a rock singer.

Team Members

  • Sylia Stingray - Sylia is the founder and leader of the Knight Sabers. She is cool-headed, sophisticated, and does not display her emotions. Her father is responsible for inventing the Boomer and when GENOM killed him and stole/corrupted his work, Sylia founded the Knight Sabers in order to seek justice against them. Her Hard Suit is silver and blue in colour, flight-capable, and equipped with forearm blades and laser blasters built into the palms.
  • Priss Asagiri - Rock star Priss has had a troubled past, being involved with criminal gangs and seeing many of her friends being killed by Boomers. Her blue Hard Suit is the most well-armed and combined with her tomboyish, aggressive attitude, makes her a ferocious combatant. Her suit is equipped with beam guns, railguns ans explosive "Knuckle Bombers" as standard, and can be outfitted with modular heavy-weapon attachments.
  • Linna Yamazaki - Linna is more socially conventional than her teammates, so her character can be hard to define. She possesses great aerobic talents and can be a goofy but kind person, though she is also rather greedy. Her green Hard Suit, like Priss' is armed "Knuckle Bombers" and beam guns, but her signature weapons are electrically-charged nanomolecular ribbons that are capable of slicing through just about anything.
  • Nene Romanova - The youngest member of the Knight Sabers and the only one who publicly works in law enforcement. She is an expert hacker and computer specialist, and her Hard Suit is fully equipped for electronic warfare. Her weapons are minimal, but she possesses advanced scanners and can hack into virtually any computerized system, including Boomers and various mecha. She receives a suit upgrade later on that expands on these capabilities and also grants her a significant weapons upgrade