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A group of Sutherland-class Knightmares

Knightmare Frames are humanoid combat mecha that appear in the anime series Code Geass. Developed by the Holy Britannian Empire, the Knightmares were first unveilled during Britannia's conquest of Japan. The name "Knightmare" is a play on the word "nightmare" and a knight's mare.

Technical Information

Power Source

Knightmare Frames are powered by Yggdrassil Drives which contain cube-shaped cores of Sakuradite. The cores are held weightlessly within their drive chambers and rotate rapidly as electricity is channeled through them. The Yggdrassil drive is recharged via an energy filler device. It is never made clear where on a Knightmare Frame the drive is located, though the mid-section seems the most likely area given that Knightmares often have their limbs severed during battle yet can still function without them.

Interface System

Inside a standard Knightmare frame's cockpit block, some of the mainstream features are the three panoramic display monitors, the dual control joysticks, and instrument panels. The panoramic monitors are linked to outside sensors and cameras, and can be switched to display other information such as status or even as a video communication system. In custom frames, the interface system varies, dependent on the Knightmare's primary function towards combat. For example, the Gawain's interface has a full screen 'ceiling' or dome above both pilots that show direct surroundings of the Knightmare, most likely used so calculations for its Blaze Luminous defense can be inputted accurately. The cockpit block is self-contained and can be easily jettisoned from the Knightmare frame if the robot is badly damaged.


The head of a Knightmare frame contains a Factsphere sensory device that relays thermographic images to the pilot. They are normally covered by a retractable layer of armour.


Knightmares are equipped with Landspinners: roller-skate styled devices that allow the mechs to move quickly across all kinds of terrain.


Knightmares are capable of wielding a variety of weapons. Common weapon systems include the Slash Harken rocket-powered anchors, assault rifles loaded with micro ordnance, and devastating Chaos Mines that activate in mid-air then spray the area with a hail of shrapnel.

Knightmare models

There are many different models of Knightmares used by different factions in the Code Geass series. The units have been listed by faction below.

Holy Britannian Empire

Ashford Academy

Black Knights

Geass Order

Chinese Federation

Eurpean Union

Peace Mark

Middle Eastern Federation

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