Krudzu is a mechanical plant created by Dr. Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books from Archie Comics. This artificial weed was capable of growing at a tremendous rate and spreading far and wide across the land with alarming speed. It could even consume metal.



The Krudzu were a mechanical creation which Dr. Ivo Robotnik unleashed on a section of Mobotropolis called the Budding Circle. Due to the strain caused by the plants' weight, the site collapsed into the ground.

The Krudzu were later rediscovered by a SWATbot and presented to Dr. Robotnik, who immediately bashed in the robot's head for violating his "no plants" rule. But upon learning from the SWATbot the identity of the machines, which were now beginning to consume Crabmeat, and additionally that the specially-customized Burrobot could dig trenches and plant their seeds, Dr. Robotnik trashed the SWATbot and claimed credit for the plan.

Dr. Robotnik sent Burrobot to roam the Great Forest, planting seeds everywhere, in order for the Krudzu to devour the Great Forest and smother the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Antoine D'Coolette was the first victim of the weeds, who was wrapped in Krudzu vines and was rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog and returned to Knothole. After Rotor removed the vines from Antoine with a chainsaw, Tails mistook the Krudzu for dried cuttings and watered them. Fearing the worst, everyone was surprised when the Krudzu burst into an electrical fire. Rotor examined the Krudzu and discovered a weakness to water. Sally and Tails then pointed out the day's weather forecast called for rain. As expected, all of the invading Krudzu short-circuited during the storm.

Attempted Recovery

Searching through his father's belongings one day, Antoine found half of a map in the hilt of General Armand D'Coolette's sword. On one side of his half piece was a complete drawing of the Budding Circle, where Dr. Robotnik originally unleashed the Krudzu. At the same time, Snively, searching through his uncle's files, found the opposite half of the map—also with one complete drawing of the Budding Circle on one side. Each set out toward their destination on the South side of Robotropolis, where the Budding Circle once existed.

At the alleged site of the former Budding Circle, Snively sent a squadron of Eggbots to dig in search of any remaining Krudzu seedlings that he could use as a weapon against his uncle to take over Robotropolis. In the meantime, Antoine arrived on the scene and tripped over a pile of metal bars, causing a commotion. Snively sent the Eggbots to investigate and silence the intruder so as to keep his plot against Robotnik secret. Ultimately, the Freedom Fighters came and destroyed Snively's Eggbots, foiling his plan. At the end of the day, no remaining Krudzu seeds were discovered.

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