Launch Octopus (aka Launcher Octopuld in Japan) is a marine-based Reploid and one of the eight selectable Maverick bosses from Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X. He used to command the Maverick Hunters' 6th Marine Unit but decided to follow Sigma's rebellion against humanity. He exhibits an effeminate personality and prefers to fight with both efficiency and elegance. When X defeats him in Maverick Hunter X, his last words are "Even my explosion is beautiful!"


  • Homing Torpedo - Pirahna-shaped projectiles launched from his tentacles that actively seek out targets. X can copy this weapon, but can only fire one torpedo a shot whereas Launch Octopus can fire four simultaneously.
  • Spread Torpedo - The projectiles fired from Octopuld's shoulders are fired in a spread pattern and do not home in on enemies.
  • Marine Tornado - Launch Octopus surrounds himself in a vortex that sucks in his opponents.
  • Energy Drain - After trapping an opponent within the Marine Tornado, Launch Octopus can siphon their energy with his tentacles.


  • Rolling Shield - The concussive force of the Rolling Shield can rupture Octopuld's internal buoyancy systems.
  • Boomerang Cutter - If Octopuld's tentacles are sliced off, his combat ability is severely reduced. Without his tentacles, he cannot use Homing Torpedoes, Marine Tornado or Energy Drain.
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