Magma Dragoon is a cunning Reploid warrior and a boss from Mega Man X4. Originally a Maverick Hunter operating with the 14th Unit, he was envious of X and Zero and selfishly wished to prove his superiority to them. He would one day be approached by Sigma and would turn Maverick, carrying out Sigma's order to sabotage the floating city of Sky Lagoon and send it crashing on top of the city below, resulting in countless civilian casualties. As Repliforce were on patrol in that area at the time, they were suspected of carrying out the attack and were labelled as Mavericks, prompting General to initiate his coup d'etat. The Maverick Hunters would later learn of Dragoon's betrayal and X and Zero were sent to hunt him down. Dragoon was defeated and he apologised for his actions in his final moments.


  • Shoryuken - A flaming uppercut attack. Zero's Ryuenjin technique and X's Rising Fire weapon are based on this move.
  • Hadoken - A fireball thrown from Dragoon's hands.
  • Cannon Strike - A diving kick attack.
  • Eruption - Dragoon can cause the lava in his boss chamber to erupt and shower over his foes.
  • Dragoon Blast - Dragoon breathes a huge stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Meteor Crush - Dragoon calls down a storm of volcanic rocks to blast his enemies.


  • Double Cyclone - This weapon obtained from Storm Owl generates winds that move at such high speeds that they can cut through Dragoon's armor.
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