Magna Centipede is one of the eight Maverick bosses from Mega Man X2. A former member of the Maverick Hunters, he once operated under Zero as a member of the 0th Special Unit. Early on during Sigma's uprising, Magna was captured by Mavericks and reprogrammed as one of them.

Six months following Sigma's destruction, the Maverick rebellion continued with the X-Hunters leading the charge. Magna was assigned to take control of the Mother Computer Center, using it as the nerve center of an insidious viral assault against the global computer network. His rampage was brought to and end when he was destroyed by X.


  • Teleportation - Magna frequently teleports during combat to throw his opponents into disarray.
  • Magnet Mine - The barbed segments of Magna's tail seperate and levitate around the enemy briefly before closing in, skewering the victim. When X copies Magna's data, his version of the Magnet Mine is an actual explosive charge that magnetises to targets.
  • Magna Sting - Magna Centipede emits magnetic waves from his tail and draws his opponent in. The tip of the tail then injects a virus into the enemy Reploid's system, partially disabling them. If stung, X will become unable to jump, dash or charge his X-Buster. If stung enough times, his movement will be severely hindered and he'll barely be able to shoot at all.
  • Shuriken - Magna is armed with small throwing stars that can cut through the armour of most Reploids.


  • Strike Chain - With a lighter framework than other Reploids, Magna's segmented body can be pulled apart by the Strike Chain.
  • Silk Shot - This explosive chunk of shrapnel can shred the bonds between Magna's body segments. A single shot from this can destroy his tail, leaving him unable to use the Magnet Mine or Magna Sting.
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