The Matrix of Leadership is a popular technological artifact from the multiverse of the Transformers. It is traditionally carried by the leader of the Autobots and possesses the wisdom of Primes long past. In most Transformers media, it appears as a glowing crystal sphere inside a hollow metal shell, though its shape has altered occasionally. Supposedly, the Matrix acts as a conduit for the powers of the Transformers creator-god Primus, and serves as a means of accessing the AllSpark - the Transformers "afterlife". Throughout the Transformers multiverse, the Matrix has been shown to grant it bearers visions of the past and future, channel the souls of past Primes, restore dead Transformers to life and destroy Primus's ancient enemy, the Chaos-Bringer - Unicron. All these powers that the Matrix has displayed have made it a revered religious and spiritual icon to the Autobots, though the Decepticons have never been so inclined to believe in its divinity. That, of course, hasn't stopped some of them from trying to usurp the Matrix's power for themselves, though in most media it has been shown that Decepticons cannot open the Matrix or use its power, but some Decepticons have known this and tried to take it anyway solely so that the Autobots can't have it.

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