In most of the Mega Man series, Maverick is a term used to identify robots that have gone renegade. The term was first coined in Mega Man X. This can include Mechaniloids and even the sentient Reploids. There are many types of Mavericks which are classed by the means in which they rebel as well as the cause of their behavior. The different types are listed below.

Maverick Types

Error Mavericks

Error Mavericks are robots that have gone out of control due to malfunction. In the case of Reploids, who are sentient, their Maverick behaviour can be likened to something resembling an imbalance or mental illness in humans. The causes of such malfunctions can vary.

Viral Mavericks

The most common and dangerous variety of Maverick. Viral Mavericks are Reploids that have been infected by the Maverick virus, which causes the infectees to go insane. Often, viral Mavericks fall under the direct control of Sigma, whose consciousness had fused with the virus, thereby allowing him to control anyone he infected. Viral Mavericks who have been infected by Sigma are brought around to his way of thinking, coming to believe that humans are inferior and deserve extermination.

In a similar fashion, Model W of the Megaman ZX games can also corrupt the minds of Reploids and turn them Maverick, controlling them like puppets.

Free Mavericks

Free Mavericks are Reploids who have chosen to live a life of crime and violence, refusing to submit to political and social norms and willing to commit malicious acts against both humans and Reploids.

Political Mavericks

Political Mavericks are ordinary Reploids who haven't been corrupted in any way, but have been deemed as enemies of the state by disregarding the law. Major examples of political Mavericks include Repliforce, a Reploid army falsely accused of destroying a whole city, then choosing to build an independent Reploid nation; the Rebellion Army, another would-be nation of Reploids that wanted to forcibly advance Reploid evolution; and also the Resistance from the Mega Man Zero series, who live in defiance of the oppressive regime of Neo Arcadia.

List of Mavericks

Major Mavericks

These are Mavericks who serve as major antagonists in the Mega Man X games.

Boss Mavericks

These are the Mavericks who appear as the eight selectable bosses in each of the Mega Man X games.

Mega Man X

Mega Man X2

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X4

Mega Man X5

Mega Man X6

Mega Man X7

Mega Man X8

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