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In the Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie, Mecha Sonic is the roboticized form of Sonic. In the comic's 39th issue, Sonic was ambushed by bounty hunter Nack the Weasel and taken to Dr. Robotnik, who subjected the hedgehog to the Roboticizer. Transformed into a mindless automaton, Mecha Sonic was ordered by Robotnik to return to Knothole and destroy the Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters found themselves hopelessly outmatched by Mecha Sonic's power, even the strength of Bunnie Rabbot wasn't enough to take him down. Fortunately, the FF found themselves aided by Knuckles the Echidna, guardian of Angel Island. Knuckles' natural strength, however great, wasn't enough to stop Mecha Sonic, but the Freedom Fighters had commandeered one of Robotnik's portable Roboticizer devices and allowed Knuckles to become a robot himself. Knuckles was provided with a neuro-overrider device that would stop Robotnik's programming from taking over his mind, and so Mecha Knuckles entered the fray. Mecha Knuckles seemed to be able to hold off Mecha Sonic for a while, but this spurred Robotnik into launching several nuclear missiles locked on to Mecha Sonic's signal. To stop the nukes from destroying Knothole, Mecha Knuckles grabbed Mecha Sonic and the two 'bots flew into the missiles' path. The detonation of the missiles caused a great deal of damage to Robotropolis, but Robotnik was hiding within a reinforced bunker and both Mechas were sturdy enough to survive the blast. With Sonic disabled, Knuckles returned him to Knothole and Princess Sally used Sonic's one billionth Power Ring to restore his free will. Both Sonic and Knuckles were then de-roboticized using the portable device in Knothole.


  • Super Speed - Even before roboticization, Sonic could run at tremendous speed and could even break the sound barrier.
  • Flight - Jets in Mecha Sonic's feet allowed him to fly.
  • Lasers - Energy blasters installed in Mecha Sonic's arms.
  • Electrical Discharge - Electrocutes any enemy that tries to grapple Mecha Sonic.