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The Mega Chopper is an aquatic-based Badnik created by Dr. Eggman. It has appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic Mania.

Description Edit

The Mega Chopper is a small aquatic Badnik modelled after a pirahna, much like the original Chopper. It is considerably smaller than the standard Chopper and among the smallest of Badniks overall. It has a red body and grey tail fin, no eyes and razor-sharp teeth.

Mega Choppers can swim rapidly through the water and are also capable of leaping out of water to attack surface targets. Having no other weapons, they use their teeth to bite and clamp on to an enemy and rapidly gnaw at them.

Appearances Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Edit

Mega chopper s3

Mega Choppers appear in Hydrocity Zone. Located in large, open areas, they swim quickly towards the player. Depending on the player's elevation, Mega Choppers will swim over or under the player, passing and then turning back, zig-zagging their way to the player. Unlike most enemies, Mega Choppers do not cause the player to lose all their rings at once when they touch them. Instead, it will latch on to the player and gnaw away rings one by one until the player dies. While a Mega Chopper is latched on, the player's movement speed is reduced and they cannot use Spin Jump, Spin Attack or Spin Dash. However, a Mega Chopper can be shaken off if the player rapidly moves left and right on the spot.

In some parts of Hydrocity Zone, Mega Choppers can jump out of the water to attack the player. In most of these sections, the player will likely be moving too fast for the Mega Chopper to catch them.

Sonic Mania Edit

Mega Choppers are once again seen in Hydrocity Zone. Their appearance and behaviour remains unchanged since Sonic 3, although they do not leap out of the water at any point in the stage.

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