Mega Man - Version 11

Mega Man, sometimes known as the Blue Bomber, and Rock Man in Japan, is the titular protagonist of the Mega Man video game series developed by Capcom. This is the first iteration of the character, often referred to as Classic Mega Man.


Mega Man was created by Dr. Thomas Light in the year 20XX, originally as a housework robot named Rock, alongside his 'sister', Roll. When Dr. Albert Wily reprogrammed Light's Robot Masters to blaze a trail of destruction across the world, Rock requested that he be upgraded to a battle robot, in order to bring the Robot Masters down. Light agreed, and reconfigured Rock into a much stronger form, renaming him Mega Man. Mega Man would clash with Dr. Wily many more times over the years, not to mention his 'brother' Proto Man, his dark rival Bass, and King, who he only managed to defeat with help from Bass.

As the classic Mega Man series' timeline moved on into the Mega Man X era, it became clear that Mega Man had disappeared, later succeeded by X. What became of the original Mega Man is unknown.


Mega Man is equipped with his Mega Buster, a transforming arm cannon which can fire single shots of energy and a powerful charge shot. He also possesses a sliding tackle move. His greatest strength, however, is his ability to learn the moves of Robot Masters he has defeated, which can be used against remaining ones to great effect. Mega Man can also combine with his robot dog Rush to attain flight for brief periods of time, and Marvel vs Capcom grants him the ability to combine with Rush, Beat and Eddie to transform into Hyper Mega Man and unleash a barrage of missiles and energy blasts.


Mega Man has appeared in at least 3 animated series. The first was Captain N: The Game Master, in which Mega Man was a resident of Videoland, a world based entirely on Nintendo games. In this incarnation, Mega Man was short, stubby, had a green colouration as opposed to his regular blue and a tendency to add 'mega' as a prefix to some words. He next appeared in the 1993 OVA, Mega Man: Upon a Star, in which Mega Man battled Dr. Wily while learning facts about Japanese society. Classic Mega Man's last animated appearance was in the 1995 Ruby-Spears series, simply titled Mega Man, which also featured a one-episode cameo from his successor, Mega Man X.


  • The creation of Mega Man was heavily inspired by Osamu Tezuka's own robot character Astro Boy.


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