Megatrain (later Galvatrain) is the main antagonist from the Trains-Formers video series made by James Farr. He is a parody of Spencer from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and Megatron/Galvatron from Transformers.

Role in Trains-Formers

Megatrain is first mentioned when the Trouble Tron tells Thomas and Vector that Spencer has gone beserk and transformed into Megatrain. Thomas transforms into OpThomas Prime and confronts him. Megatrain attempts to hit Opthomas Prime with flame blasts from his cannon, but Opthomas manages to avoid them, and he then uses his water cannon to put out Megatrain's fire in his firebox, causing him to collapse and be defeated blocking James Farr and Claire Roby Farr's way in their car.

Role in Trains-Formers 2OOT

Megatrain escapes from imprisonment and wrecks havoc in the Smelter's Yard. When OpThomas Prime confronts him again, Megatrain says that he is now Galvatrain, before hitting Opthomas with a laser beam, weakening him. Opthomas calls for help, and soon Percy, James, Gordon and Henry combine with him, becoming OpThomas Supreme, a robot much bigger than Galvatrain. Supreme then stomped on Galvatrain, crushing him. They then defeated Galvatrain's accomplise, Unicrane.


Megatrain is based on Spencer, who is based on the LNER A4 Class.


  • Trains-Formers
  • Trains-Formers 2OOT

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