The Moto-Terminator is a high-speed pursuit machine created by SkyNet that was in circulation between 2016 and 2018 during the War Against the Machines. They appear to be unmanned, combat-ready motorcycles and are typically assigned to patrol the deserts and highways for any signs of human life. They can also be deployed by Harvesters to pursue any humans attempting to escape their compromised shelters. They are normally armed with chain guns or phased plasma cannons.

In Terminator: Salvation, John Connor is able to capture a Moto-Terminator by attracting it with a salvaged stereo and setting a trip-wire trap on the road. He is able to hijack it by inserting a device into a USB port and hacking its AI, and is then able to ride it like a normal motorcycle. If Moto-Terminators can be captured so easily, it seems unlikely that SkyNet would keep them in circulation for long.

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