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Nene Romanova is the youngest member of the Knight Sabers, the protagonists of the Bubblegum Crisis series. She is quite possibly the most intelligent as well; her computer hacking skills are unmatched and she managed to score a computer analyst and logistics job with Mega-Tokyo's AD Police force using a fake ID. Then she discovered a 'help wanted ad' on the internet and simply could not resist seeing what it was about. As it turned out, this ad was a highly complicated, encrypted message that only a master hacker could ever hope of cracking. After a little work Nene broke through the ad and found a message waiting for her: 'I WANT YOU!' The message was from Sylia Stingray, a clear invitation for Nene to join the Knight Sabers.

Nene is very naive and innocent compared to the other Knight Sabers, particularly Sylia, who, ironically, seems to be the one Nene is most fond of. Nene is not always accepted as an equal by Priss and Linna due to her severe lack of physical combat skills but she serves as a mole inside the AD. Police and a great hacker, giving Sylia time to accomplish other deeds rather than spending it on the computer. Nene is the second most computer literate Knight Saber, after Sylia, who designed all of Nene's most powerful machinery. Nene is a kind, caring individual who loves to help others and enjoys knowing that someone will benefit from her being a part of the Knight Sabers.

Nene's Hard Suit

Nene01 c.gif

In the first 7 episodes of Bubblegum Crisis, Nene's Hard Suit had a navy blue torso and helmet with pink legs. Sylia upgrades the entire teams' Hard Suits in episode 8, with Nene's changing to the red top with pink bottom design that would carry over into Bubblegum Crash and Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. Nene lacks the physical skills of her teammates and her Hard Suit reflects this limitation. While she has limited weaponry (a small machine gun in the right arm and lasers concealed in the shoulders), her suit is equipped for electronic warfare with various sensors, a signal jammer, hacking hardware, and a shield generator..