The Nova Robotics Corporation (a division of Nova Laboratories) is a company that designs military-grade robots for the US military in the film Short Circuit. They are responsible for developing the S.A.I.N.T.


series, but the project was scrapped following the mishap with Number Five that cost the company several million dollars in hardware. Nova went out of business following this loss.


Founded in 1942 as a military weapons contractor, Nova Robotics Corporation created several weapons for the military for following wars, including the Cold War, and supplied them to the government.

In 1986, the company is now part of the government-owned Nova Laboratories. It still produces weapons for the U.S. Military, but with advances in technology, have started creating robots. During this timeline, Dr. Howard Marner is the CEO of Nova Laboratories. The company develops the S.A.I.N.T series of robots. However, Number 5, a SAINT robot, goes rogue following a lightning storm that fried his wires. After Nova's head of security, C. Skroeder, seemingly destroys Number 5, Dr. Newton Crosby quits his work, and Nova Laboratories loses millions of dollars from investments in the robot. Nova, also having lost its military contract, is left financially ruined, and goes bankrupt.

However, Crosby discovers Number 5 wasn't destroyed, but only made a replica of himself to distract Skroeder and the rest of the Nova Security. Then, they both decide to hide out in Crosby's father's land in Montana to prevent Nova from finding them again.

In Short Circuit 2, the company is mentioned as having gone bankrupt, with hundreds of people losing their jobs.

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