OpThomas Prime is Thomas' robot form from the Trains-Formers series. He is the inspiration of Optimus Prime.


Thomas and his friend, Vector are on their way home after installing his robot joints in himself from Sodor Cybernetics before they hear Trouble-Tron explaining that Spencer has gone berserk and transformed into Megatrain. As Thomas transformed into OpThomas Prime, he had a battle with Megatrain as Megatrain shot fireballs on OpThomas' left arm. Then he used a fire hose to extinguish Megatrain's fire.

Later, Thomas and Vector are heading back and was later interrupted by the Trouble-Tron explaining that Megatrain has escaped. They answered that he is in the smelter's yard and they headed in. Not Megatrain anymore, he is called Galvatrain. He opened a purple laser to weaken OpThomas but called for help on Percy, James, Gordon and Henry to merge into OpThomas Supreme. Combined, OpThomas Supreme squashed Galvatrain and encountered Cranky transforming into Unicrane. Furious, OpThomas uses a lift kit thanks to Harold and flew up to defeat Unicrane.

Thomas and Vector are pulling tons of freight including Annie and Clarabel. They are interrupted by the Trouble-Tron for the fourth time that something or someone is inside the Muffle Mountain Military Research car. They later encountered Bertie (albeit short for BR-T), telling them that they don't know what they are carrying. At some point he ran over them, self-destructing against them. Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and his freight cars are derailed and out burst Lady, who transformed into Track-Arachnus. Not long before Track-Arachnus gets defeated, OpThomas Prime came out of nowhere to rescue Vector who is inside Rosimus Prime. He is shot by a laser used by the monster that Track-Arachnus created called Scrapwave.

It is currently unknown where Thomas is being rescued by Vector after the Fun Police demanded him that the Trains-Formers should be shut down. He is under-repaired but he found out that he found a "Trains-Former". As the Fun Police arrived, they try to find where OpThomas Prime is. He escaped, then destroyed the Fun Police.


OpThomas Prime is Thomas' engine form based on the LB&SCR E2.


  • Trains-Formers
  • Trains-Formers 2OOT
  • Trains-Form3rs
  • Trains-4mers
  • Trains-Formers: Gauge of Extinction

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