Optic Sunflower

Optic Sunflower is a Maverick Reploid and one of the eight selectable bosses of Mega Man X8. He was originally responsible for operating Troia Base, a virtual-reality training facility in Europe. After going Maverick, Sunflower turned Troia Base into a death trap, destroying many unfortunate Reploids forced to participate in his twisted simulations. The Maverick Hunters managed to overcome Sunflower's reconfigured training exercises and confronted him, putting an end to his rampage.


  • Teleportation - Optic Sunflower is capable of short-range teleports which he will use to evade enemies and take them by surprise.
  • Shining Ray - Sunflower's primary weapon is a deadly solar-powered laser. X can copy this weapon while Axl gains a new gun based on its design, the Ray Gun.
  • Duplication - Optic Sunflower can create an energy-based clone of himself to support him in combat.
  • Earth Crush - Sunflower's Overdrive technique summons multiple giant laser beams from above to annihilate his foes. Zero's Tenshouha technique is based on this attack.


Having a slender and light frame, Optic Sunflower is particularly vulnerable to high explosives. The weapons gained from Bamboo Pandamonium are most effective.

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