Rainy Turtloid is a turtle-based Reploid and one of the eight Nightmare Investigators from Mega Man X6. He was originally created by Gate to assist with water quality research and explore heavily polluted areas. His bulky, reinforced body possessed heightened defensive capabilities, so much so that many other Reploids on the project paled in comparison. Gate's fellow researchers demanded that Rainy be downgraded, but when Gate refused, Rainy committed suicide so that he would not be a burden to his creator. Years later, he was resurrected as a member of the Nightmare Investigators.


  • Reinforced Shell - Rainy Turtloid's shell is heavily armoured and invulnerable to attack. While his front can be damaged, he can still attack with his back turned to his foe.
  • Missile Barrage - With his back turned toward the enemy, Rainy can launch a multitude of missiles at his opponent.
  • Rolling Attack - Rainy withdraws into his shell and starts rolling around the boss-room. Zero's Ensuizan technique is based on this attack.
  • Meteor Rain - Rainy launches globs of highly pressurized water which burst with explosive force on impact. X can copy this weapon.


  • Ice Burst - This attack freezes the water within Rainy's body and can immobilize him temporarily.
  • Shoenzan - Zero's rising saber attack is useful for destroying the gems on Rainy's back, preventing him from launching missiles.
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